Apple will Unveil iOS9 in WWDC2015: Here’s What to Expect


Apple will Unveil iOS9 in WWDC2015: Here’s What to Expect

As Apple prepares for the launch of iOS9 in WWDC2015, here are some things we might expect from the new update.

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) is nearing, and along with that is the potential unveiling of the new upgrade to iOS. We don’t know what is coming for the iOS 9, but all we know is that the latest version is expect to work smoother and more efficiently than the previous versions.


A lot of people expect that the new upgrade will slow down their iPhones and iPads; however, the new version of iOS will not function that way. Even old iPhone models are expected to work and run smoothly in iOS 9.

We don’t have concrete details on the iOS 9 yet, but rumors suggested major stability and optimization improvements. Here’s what to expect in iOS9:


Apple is making its mark to the “Internet of Things”, which means iOS 9 will include a “Home” app that will function as a central location that enables users to manage HomeKit-based devices.

Apple HomeKit is the Apple’s home automation framework. With HomeKit, Apple devices will have a standardized way to configure, and control speakers, security systems, lights and other “internet of things.

Although Apple isn’t expected to build their own “internet of things”, third-parties already have a framework for products that will be controlled by the iPhone. Lights, thermostats, door locks and alarms are just a few of the things expected to work with HomeKit.

Force Touch Support

Apple 6s will be expected to due in September, which means force touch support will be in iOS. In fact, it might even get showed off at WWDC. The feature, which started in the latest Macbook touchpad gives an extra gesture by recognizing how the user presses on the surface.

Some of the force touch applications in the next iPhone could be:
Creating new entries in the calendar app
Pressure sensitive fast forwarding in media players.
Camera to enable burst mode shooting or toggling between camera and video.

New Font

San Francisco font is a specially designed font for the Apple Watch. It is a condensed, sans-serif font similar to Helvetica, but created to be more readable on a small screen.

Rumors suggest that the San Francisco font will now be used as a system wide font not only in iOS9, but also in the next version of OSX. This replaces Helvetica Neue, the current font in use.


Multi-tasking is expected to be included in the iOS9. This will allow iPad users to open two apps at once or one to two versions of the same app. For example, a users can open Safari and a note app on their iPads.


Apple might enable third party apps to support Siri. This means that Siri can interact with non-Apple apps by issuing commands to Siri. Expect to post a tweet or update a post in Facebook through Siri.


Proactive is a system that will integrate Contacts, Calendar, Siri, Passbook and possibly third party apps. This system allow users to be reminded of the daily events in one place.

This replaces the Spotlight search and is expected to pull in data from a range of apps at the right place and at the right time. Proactive will be very much similar to Google Now on Android.


There will definitely be an improvement in Maps on iOS9. The most notable feature we will expect from this update is the ability to suggest bus, train, tram and tube directions similar to Google Maps.

There will also be a new Augmented Reality Mode called Around Me. Around Me is a point of interest system that shows local points of interest in an overhead map. This feature will allow a user to hold up a phone, point it at a location in the street, and they will be able to see the information about that location.


Apple Music is Apple’s answer to Spotify and Google Play Music. This app will feature an artist-driven social network that Spotify nor Google Play Music don’t have.

New Keyboard

iOS9 may include a new keyboard with a suite of editing mode while in portrait mode. QuickType may be more accessible and Apple will again be expected to redesign the shift key to provide a better indication where the caps lock or shift is turned on.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is said to offer a new rewards program and will provide perks to those who use Apple Pay in stores and online. Although it is unclear whether the reward will be a form of voucher codes or free products offered after a certain number of purchases is delivered.

Performance and Stability Improvements

iOS 8 has been plagued with many bugs and glitches and the most popular is the Wi-Fi and battery drain bug. iOS 9 will eventually be having a lot of under-the-hood improvements to prevent the same issue from happening.

While we won’t be able to see visual design improvements, there will have plenty of bugs and stability fixes which would make for a smoother and slicker experience.

Small Download Size

When iOS8 was released, iPhone and iPad users, particularly 16GB versions forced their way into the update by deleting most of their apps, videos, music, and photos. This is because iOS8 is a massive 5GB upgrade.

iOS9 is expected to change this by offering an update with a slightly smaller footprint. Hopefully we won’t be deleting our precious files again to get that upgrade.

Compatibility and Release Date

iOS 8 got rid of iPhone 4 last and 3Gs left forgotten. iPhone 4s could be the next one to be chopped off on the next release. However, rumors suggest that older devices may get to update the core version of iOS9. This version is said to be limited to only a few features, but will not be buggy and slow.

As with the release date, registered Apple developers will expect to download the iOS update by Monday, June 8 – that is if everything goes well as expected. For us, expect that iOS 9 will be released in September along with the new iPhone.

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